Date:August 31, 2018

District Assessments

District assessments will be administered at 4-12 grades for the subjects and grades below

Social Studies 




District assessments are mostly paper-based and will be administered two times in a school year.

District Assessments I (K-12) / September (Social Studies, Technology, Spanish, Turkish)

District Assessments II (K-12) / December(Social Studies)

District Assessments III (K-12) / May (Social Studies, Technology, Spanish, Turkish)

District assessments measure student growth.

District assessments and rubrics are provided by Concept Schools academic department via email attachments.

Teachers who teach a course that has NWEA or EOC, will not administer a district assessment.

Each teacher will administer only one district assessment for one grade level. The grade level will be determined by school administration.

District assessments designed for a 45-minute testing time.

District assessments will be proctored and scored by the subject teacher and a school administrator.